Events to Drive Knowledge: How the RLC Framewor...

For the past two weeks, the news in the United States has been dominated by the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. What does a political convention have in common with Learning Cycle and Integration Events?

It's a pull event for real-time knowledge capture, providing a treasure trove of material that the media and candidates can use and re-use in this campaign and in future elections.

The structure of Learning Cycle and Integration Events generates pull for real-time knowledge capture in product development teams.

This week's Knowledge Brief describes the three ways that Rapid Learning Cycles drive real-time knowledge capture, even from teams who typically capture knowledge at the end of a program - or not at all.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Rapid Learning Cycles framework drives real-time knowledge capture by providing a place for it in the process, giving clear guidance for how to capture knowledge, and pull events to create urgency so that it gets done.
  • A Knowledge Gap isn’t closed and a Key Decision isn’t finalized until the report is finished.
  • Teams need rigorous enforcement of this rule at first, when they are trying to change from a mindset of deferring knowledge capture until after the program is finished.

Events to Drive Knowledge Capture: How the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Supports Real Time Knowledge Capture 




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posted Jul 5, 1:03 am (960 days ago)