Help Your Team Band Together: Five Reasons Why ...

Five Reasons for a Kickoff Event

Even the most professional musicians take time to warm up before they go out on stage. Kickoff Events serve the same function for your program: they help the team get coordinated and aligned so that they can work well together when it counts.

Teams leave Kickoff Events with a better understanding of the program's mission and the part they will play in achieving it. The investment in time and money it takes to bring a team together pays dividends with better communication and decision-making.

This week's Knowledge Brief describes the five reasons why your program needs a face to face Kickoff Event if you are serious about the success of your program.





Key Takeaways

  • Kickoff Events are worth the investment because they coordinate and align the team to build trust, speed communication and improve decision making.
  • The team will spend most of its time building a plan that the team owns together.
  • Kickoff Events are face to face meetings.


Help Your Team Band Together: Five Reasons Why Your Program Needs a Kickoff Event




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posted Jul 5, 1:08 am (960 days ago)