Promises You Can Keep: Why the RLC Framework Bu...

RLC Builds Partner Confidence

It's exciting to visit a company that has enough longevity with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to fully realize the benefits. The most exciting benefit for me is when I see that business partners have restored confidence that R & D can deliver their most strategic projects.

That frees up the company to go for bigger, more ambitious goals - because they know that the R & D team will be able to deliver. They see that product development programs launch on time, and that customers are happier with the final product.

They see that R & D doesn't reject innovative ideas - instead, the teams break them down into Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps that generate the knowledge the company needs to decide whether or not an idea will lead to a finished product.

This week's Knowledge Brief describes why the Rapid Learning Cycles framework rebuilds relationships with partners to increase the organization's trust and confidence in R & D.


Key Takeaways:

  • The Rapid Learning Cycles framework builds collaborative relationships with partners from the beginning of product development.
  • The framework provides flexibility to respond to new information about customer and market needs, competing products and new technical capabilities.
  • The framework reduces late design changes caused by technical surprises, reducing the amount of “bad news” partners hear about R & D’s ability to deliver.


Promises You Can Keep: Why the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Builds Confidence in R & D's Ability to Deliver




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posted Jul 5, 1:31 am (960 days ago)