The Elements of the RLC Framework: A Glossary o...

RLC Glossary

A book study group asked me to put together a list of the Key Terms used in The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product. I use these terms in precise ways to ensure that my teams are in alignment about the most important aspects of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

Some of these are terms I created. Others are words that we've tossed about within the New Product Development community, or even within the broader group of Innovators and R & D Leaders. Consultants and authors use some of them often, but not often as precisely as I do to ensure that the Rapid Learning Cycles framework maintains its integrity.

At the same time, the framework is continuing to evolve, and so this is a reflection of the current state of my thinking. You may disagree with some of the definitions or you may have come up with better ones. If so, consider emailing me with your suggestions for improvement.

This week's Knowledge Brief is the glossary of the Key Terms that any Rapid Learning Cycles team needs to use well for the framework to deliver the benefits it promises.


The Elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework: A Glossary of Key Concepts and Useful Terms




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posted Jul 5, 1:36 am (959 days ago)