The Internal Evidence to Drive Organic Growth: ...

Why Pilot Teams

Most organizations who are now using Rapid Learning Cycles started with a pilot program. This program asked the question, "Can the Rapid Learning Cycles framework help OUR organization the way it's helped other organizations like ours?"

A good pilot team experience tests this hypothesis, and it helps the team gain valuable experience that will make it easier to make decisions about how to scale Rapid Learning Cycles to the whole organization.

This week's Knowledge Brief describes why a pilot team is a good place to start with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.


Key Takeaways

  • Rapid Learning Cycles pilot teams answer the question: will Rapid Learning Cycles work within your organization?
  • The best pilot is a clean test of the framework - after you’ve seen what barriers it bumps into, you can make better decisions about adaptations.
  • A good pilot team experience can drive organic adoption across the organization.


The Internal Evidence to Drive Organic Growth: Why You Need a Pilot Program for Your First Steps with Rapid Learning Cycles




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posted Jul 5, 1:40 am (959 days ago)