Simple, Flexible and Forgiving: Why the Rapid L...

Simple, Flexible, Forgiving

I've been working to improve product development for a long time.  Trends in product development and innovation have come and go - but three things have proven to stick: Agile Software Development, Phase Gate PDPs - and now Rapid Learning Cycles.

What these three have in common are that they are simple, flexible and forgiving.  A Phase Gate PDP is just a set of phases with management reviews in between.  Agile is easy to launch, and easy to re-launch if a team gets off track.  All of these methods may be heavily adapted to meet the needs of a specific organization without a lot of extra time and work.

This week's Knowledge Brief describes why Rapid Learning Cycles are simple, flexible and forgiving, and how that leads to changes in product development that stick. 

Key Takeaways

  • It's easier to stick with a new idea that is simple, flexible and forgiving, because teams have a lot of room for error and the ability to adapt the idea to their specific challenges.
  • Rapid Learning Cycles are simple and flexible: the number of elements that must be done exactly right are few, and there is a lot of room for adaptation.
  • Rapid Learning Cycles are forgiving: it just takes a replanning session with the team to get them back on track if they’ve made a mistake or encountered a surprise.


Simple, Flexible and Forgiving: Why the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Has Staying Power




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posted Jul 5, 1:52 am (960 days ago)