The Power of Purpose: Why Purpose Statements Br...

The Power of Purpose

Every Knowledge Gap and Key Decision Report contains a section to describe the purpose of the Key Decision or Knowledge Gap. What is this section and how do we use it effectively?

The purpose statement is the reason why we consider the Key Decision to be so key to the program, and why we need to close the Knowledge Gap to make the Key Decision. The process of writing these statements brings the questions into clearer focus and sometimes exposes the fact that we've been asked to work on the wrong questions.

This week's Knowledge Brief describes the purpose statement and the role it plays in bringing Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps into focus.



Key Takeaways

  • The purpose is the reason why something needs to be done: why a Key Decision is high impact / high unknown and why a Knowledge Gap needs to be closed.
  • Purpose statements tie these reasons back to the overall program’s Core Hypothesis.
  • Write the purpose statement early to sharpen the Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps, and sometimes expose the fact that you’ve been asked to work on the wrong question.


The Power of Purpose: Why Purpose Statements Bring Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps Into Focus




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posted Jul 21, 11:33 am (943 days ago)