Welcome to the second Rapid Learning Cycles Virtual Summit!

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On January 17, 2019 we will bring together the Rapid Learning Cycles community for a virtual summit to share how Rapid Learning Cycles are being put to use in companies like yours.

Session 1 (Europe and Eastern Americas): 13.00 - 18.30 CET / 7:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern

Session 2 (Western Americas and Asia/Pacific): 12 pm - 5:30 Pacific Standard Time / 9:00 am - 2:30 pm on FRIDAY January 18, New Zealand Time

Your registration gives you access to both sessions live, and via video playback afterwards.  

The videos will be organized into 50 minute presentations, and you don't have to watch them all at the same time.

Deepen Your Knowledge About Rapid Learning Cycles

The presentations reflect a broad range of experiences with Rapid Learning Cycles, including some that may be surprising. 


The Event Structure and Logistics

  • Each case study will be 50 minutes long, with a short presentation followed by a discussion.
  • We will use web conferencing software for the live event that requires a high speed Internet connection.
  • Public versions of the presentations will be made available for download and printing ahead of time.
  • Recordings of the presentations will be made available to you approximately one week after the Virtual Summit and will be accessible for 90 days.
  • Each presentation will be its own video of no more than 50 minutes each - they don't have to be watched at the same time.
  • Each Viewer Pass represents one connection to the live Webinar; you may have as many people in the room with you as you can seat comfortably.
  • While you may not share your user name and password, you may arrange to play back the videos in a group setting.

How to Attend:

Purchase an Individual Pass by clicking the button on the left. Passes are tied to named members of this site, and give you the ability to host one connection to the Virtual Summit.  You may display the Summit in a conference room with as many people as you like.  Additional sites require additional connection passes.  We offer a Company Pass with up to twenty individual passes for the price of five.


Complete Agenda

Session 1:  All times CEST on January 17

13:00 PM - (Optional) Intro to Rapid Learning Cycles

14:00 PM - Welcome from Katherine Radeka

14:15 PM - Exp Report #1: Wouter van Essen of Sonion

15:15 PM - Exp Report #2: Martijn Bouwhuis of IMS  

16:15 PM - Exp Report #3: Syb Leijenaar* 

17:15 PM - Exp Report #4: TBD

18:00 PM - Closing Remarks from Katherine

Session 2: All times PST on January 17

12:00 PM - (Optional) Intro to Rapid Learning Cycles

13:00 PM - Welcome from Katherine Radeka

13:15 PM - Exp Report #5:  Meaghan Carmichael & Karen Cavoretto - An Agile Transformation with Rapid Learning Cycles at Keurig

14:15 PM - Exp Report #6: Presenter TBA

15:15 PM - Exp Report #7: Kathy Iberle* - Why Rapid Learning Cycles Solves Problems that Agile Can't

16:15 PM - Exp Report #8: David Stokes* - Optimizing Confluence and Jira to Support Rapid Learning Cycles

17:00 PM - Closing Remarks from Katherine


Terms and Conditions

Access to Content

  • Each Individual Pass provides one unique connection to the Live Sessions.
  • Each Company Pass provides up to 20 Individual Passes. Each Individual Pass must be assigned to a person with an email address, who will then be asked to provide some additional information to complete their registrations. You can leverage these passes for even more attendees by organizing local hosts who can run the live sessions in a conference room. You will need to send us a list of names and email addresses no later than January 10 so that we may create the Individual Passes.
  • Each participant will receive a unique single-use login that will work for both sessions.
  • You may host this session in a large room and invite others to view it with you.
  • This Pass may not be used by more than one person for hosting a live session.
  • You may not make private recordings, take pictures or take screen shots of the presentations.
  • Recordings are accessible for 90 days after they become available after the conference.
  • Your login credentials to view the videos may not be shared with others.
  • Each Experience Report presenter will make a public version of slides or handouts that may be shared only in their original PDF form, with all author attribution, copyright notices and references included.


Payments, Cancellations, and Substitutions

  • All payments must be paid at the time that you register.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any participant's registration for any reason. If we exercise this option, we will give you a refund of 100% of your registration fee.
  • You may send a qualified substitute in your place at any time.  If you opt for this, video playback access will be registered to the substitute's account.
  • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel for any reason, we will refund 100% of your registration fee.