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RLC PM Certification Workshops

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, USA RLC Workshop Spring 2020

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Register for our flagship two day Program Manager Certification Workshop. Please follow the Team Registration instructions on the checkout page if you are purchasing more than one registration at a time.

Workshop participants

For full details about this class, including options and additional certification benefits and requirements, visit 2018-2019 Program Manager Certification Workshops.

Registration Fees:

  • Single registration:  $2345.
  • Groups of four or more registering at the same time:  15% discount ($1993.25 per registration).  You may register people for more than one workshop to achieve this group size.  The discount will be applied automatically on the checkout page once you've selected a total of four or more registrations. The amount shown on the button on the left of this screen does not yet include the discount.

We require payment via credit card upon registration for groups of one to three.  We can invoice your company for groups of four or more as long as you can ensure that we receive payment at least ten days prior to the workshop. Please send us an email and we will give you personal assistance with registration and then prepare your invoice.


    Workshop Image Learning Cycles PlanThe Rapid Learning Cycles Training solidified the concepts by working through a case study and by expertly facilitated discussions with the other course participants.

    David Woodward, nLIGHT Photonics


    Complete Agenda:

    Day One

    The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework: What and Why

    The Rapid Learning Cycles Kickoff Event

    The Core Hypothesis that Captures Your Vision

    The Right Key Decisions to Build Your Best Product

    A Complete Set of Well-Defined Knowledge Gaps

    How to Prioritize Knowledge Gaps to Maximize the Team's Learning


    Day Two

    Cadence and Flow in Rapid Learning Cycles Programs to Establish Your Regular Heartbeat

    How to Build the Learning Cycle Plan in Seven Steps

    Learning Cycles that Build Extensible Knowledge

    Knowledge Capture at the End of a Learning Cycle to Avoid Knowledge Loss and Accelerate Learning

    How to Run Learning Cycle and Integration Events to Maximize the Value of the Team's Time Together

    Troubleshooting Rapid Learning Cycles Programs to Get Back On Track Fast if Something Goes Wrong



    We guarantee results.

    We offer ongoing support to our Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Professionals by phone, email, and through online forums here to make sure that you never slow down or get stuck as you use the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for the first time. If you run into any difficulties using the ideas we've taught in the workshops, please contact us right away to make an appointment. Chances are, we've seen your challenge before, and we can help you overcome it.


    Prerequisites, Team Registrations and Certification Requirements

    • This workshop is open to senior product developers who have experience leading development teams.
    • Product development consultants and other service providers may participate by personal invitation only. If you are in this category and sign up without permission, we will refund your registration fee less a $200 handling charge. Instead, send us an email to express your interest, and we'll conduct an interview to decide whether or not we can admit you.
    • Class sizes are limited to 24 participants. We may opt to limit a company's group size for a specific workshop. If you have a group of more than six people that you would like to sign up, please send us an email.
    • About four weeks before the workshop, each participant will receive a copy of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster. You must read the book prior to Day One of the workshop, so that we can dive into the deep end of the material immediately.
    • Participants will need to sign the Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Program Manager License Agreement. This agreement is sent out for review prior to the workshop and signed during the workshop. It is an individual agreement between Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, Inc. and the individual who attends the workshop.
    • Participants will need to pass a one hour exam, and sign Rapid Learning Cycle Institute's Certified® Program Manager Agreement prior to receiving access to the Program Managers Kit. 
    • Successful completion of the certification requirements grants permission to use licensed materials to lead Rapid Learning Cycles events personally. It does not grant permission for the participants to modify the materials, conduct internal Rapid Learning Cycle Workshops to train additional program managers, create derivative works such as internal training slides, or serve as a paid facilitator or program manager for external clients. Such use requires additional certification steps and organization-level license agreements that grant our explicit permission for such uses.
    • The workshop covers how to establish and run the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for a moderately-sized team, typically fewer than 25 core team members with a simple team structure. Even if you typically run programs that are much larger than that, it's easier to master the framework if you start small the first time.  
    • Larger teams require program management techniques and framework adaptations that we don't teach in this workshop.  We provide the knowledge, practices, techniques and tools for large teams through the Rapid Learning Cycles Facilitator experience.  This workshop is a prerequisite for that experience, and we will help you find a good place to start, as part of the action planning section of the workshop, so that you can build up the experience you need for the Facilitator program. 
    • If you or your developers primarily develop software, contact us prior to registering. There may be better options for you.


    Payments, Cancellations, and Substitutions

    • All prices are in US Dollars; for workshops in Amsterdam, you will receive a VAT-compliant invoice that has been converted into Euros.
    • All registrations must be paid at the time that you register.  Invoiced but unpaid registrations are not confirmed until payment has been received.
    • If you registered without names, we need your final list of names at least 30 days prior to the workshop.
    • We reserve the right to cancel any participant's registration for any reason. If we exercise this option, we will give you a refund of 100% of your registration fee.
    • You may send a qualified substitute in your place, as long as you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of Day One and the substitute will be able to complete the pre-reading assignment.
    • If you cancel up to five business days after registering but not less than thirty days prior to the start of the workshop, we will refund 100% of your registration fee.
    • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel for any reason, we will offer participants the opportunity to join a different class or receive a refund.



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