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Design, Experiment, Capture - TEAM BUNDLE

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Katherine Radeka
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Our latest online class to help your teams design and run experiments to close Knowledge Gaps permanently, available for up to twelve of your colleagues.

"How do I help my team make the most of the time we have for learning?

When teams get into the rhythm of Rapid Learning Cycles, they begin to discover opportunities to learn faster and in more creative ways, so that they can make the most of their time. You can accelerate their learning by leveraging the best practices we've found to keep Knowledge Gap owners focused on "rapid learning."

When faced with a challenge, developers often default into Build-Test-Fix mode. I can get stuck there myself, if I"m mistaken about how difficult a challenge is.  Eric Reis improved this with Build-Measure-Learn, which works for the IT, SaaS and app world.  Seasoned hardware engineers and scientists know that the best way to learn is usually not a build cycle - at least not at first.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework reinforces the shift from doing tasks to learning by closing Knowledge Gaps. This online class will help facilitate that transition by describing WHAT teams do when they move from Build-Test-Fix to Design-Experiment-Capture.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Design-Experiment-Capture learning cycles close Knowledge Gaps permanently.
  • How to develop a good hypothesis and design the learning activities to test it.
  • How to use Rapid Prototyping tools, modeling and similar methods effectively to maximize knowledge creation, rather than just spinning Build-Test-Fix cycles faster.
  • Specific guidance for how to close technical, customer and business Knowledge Gaps.
  • Tips to increase the value of this work by building in reusability and extensibility.
  • How to recognize when a Knowledge Gap is closed — and when a Knowledge Gap should not be closed any further.

When you who add this class to a Workshop Bundle with four or more registrations, you can receive a site license so that you may share it with your teams ($500 value).

How You Will Learn:

  • Four sessions with approx. one hour of video per session, broken into segments of 15 - 20 minutes each.
  • After the initial four week session, you may watch videos in any order.
  • Supporting resources, including an expanded set of Knowledge Gap report templates.


When Will It Be Delivered?

  • New Workshop Participants: The first session will be made available to you the Monday following your workshop.
  • Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals: We will drop the first content on Monday, July 17, with new material added on the following three Mondays.  If you join the class after that time, you'll be able to view the available content in any order.


Terms and Conditions:

  • TEAM REGISTRATIONS: You may view the class videos in a group setting, as long as all present also have individual access to the videos via the list you provided us. However, you may not share the videos outside of this group without purchasing additional registrations, and you may not share individual logons with others. If you want a large group to have access, we offer organizational registrations and licenses, including the ability to integrate this class into SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems.
  • In order to purchase an individual or team license, you must be a Certified or Provisional member of the Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals Community - people who attend both days of the Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification workshop earn the Provisional certification until they pass their exams.
  • Your account name is your email address, and your password may not be shared with others.
  • For site licenses, we will need a list of up to twelve team members with name, email and phone so that we can send them invitations to join the class.

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