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Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles

Elements of RLCs - TEAM BUNDLE

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Katherine Radeka
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A good online introduction to the elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, for a team of up to twelve colleagues.

Do you wonder if the Rapid Learning Cycles framework can help your product development team the way it's helped so many others?

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework helps teams get their best ideas to market faster - almost every time. This is an incredible claim, but it's backed up with six years of experience with product development teams.

We developed the Rapid Learning Cycles framework through experimentation, follow-through and constant customer feedback. Not everything we tried along the way worked the way we expected. But for the past 2. 5 years, the framework has been solid enough that every team who's tried it has seen better results, sometimes uncovering issues right in the Kickoff Event that would have caused serious problems in the past at the wrong time.

We teach the full Rapid Learning Cycles framework through our flagship two-day Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification workshop. 

But we understand that it's a big risk to try to build support for a team training experience, followed by a pilot without confidence that Rapid Learning Cycles will help you overcome the challenges you have, in your industry, in your company and in your teams. Will the Rapid Learning Cycles framework work within your organization? Do you have the problems that it solves? Will it help you find the shortest distance between you and your new product?

The Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles will give you what you need to answer that question.

This four hour learning experience helps you find the answers to the essential questions you probably have about Rapid Learning Cycles:
  • Session 1:  Why Do Rapid Learning Cycles Get Ideas to Market Faster Almost Every Time?
  • Session 2:  How Do Rapid Learning Cycles Improve Decision Making?
  • Session 3:  How do Rapid Learning Cycles Teams Manage Risk, Uncertainty and Change that Is Inherent to R & D?
  • Session 4:  How Do Rapid Learning Cycles Teams Coordinate, Capture and Share Knowledge to Eliminate Reinvention and Accelerate Development?
Session 4 also includes a guide to help you identify good candidates for pilot programs and prepare the team members, sponsors and other partners for success the first time.

Purchase a team license for you and your team for only $995 for up to twelve team members.

When you watch the videos and do the assignments with your team, you build alignment around your decision whether or not to go deeper with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

When you purchase a team license, we will send you a spreadsheet for sending us the names and other registration information for up to twelve people who will be given 90 days of access to the class. Each person accessing the class will receive his or her own login. You may also share the videos in a team meeting, so that everyone watches the videos at one time.

Your registration includes your personal softcover copy of our book, The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Your Best Ideas to Market Faster.

Past Participants Say:

“I signed up for this course as a pilot to spread the interest in my company.  In taking the course my expectations were exceeded due to the knowledge Katherine possesses and the many examples/templates she provided as a roadmap to implement this process within my own organization. 

I was so fired up about rapid learning cycles that I quickly got the interest of one of our high level managers who spent most of his career in manufacturing implementing lean techniques.  He is now asking how we can use this rapid learning cycles framework to improve how we develop products in the future.” 

Jason Anderson, National Oilwell Varco, USA


Registration Details

Delivery:  One new 45 minute video per week for four weeks, delivered on Mondays starting the week after you register. Videos are delivered in our streaming program and may not be downloaded. Videos can be replayed for 90 days from the date of registration. While these videos can be viewed on mobile phones and tablets, we recommend watching them on a high quality display.

Support: 90 days of phone/email support for questions about Rapid Learning Cycles from the date of registration, whichever is later, for the primary site contact.

Registration Options: 

$495 per individual log in, which may not be shared with additional users.

$995 for a site license, allowing access at one geographical location as determined by the IP Address of the systems used to access the video content.  

Companies with multiple locations will need one license per location where their colleagues will access to this class. If you would like to make this available to your entire organization or integrate it into your company's online training systems, please contact us for a global license package.

We recommend that you forward the names of the primary people who will watch the video so that we can give them independent access to the videos, notifications of new video drops and access to other Rapid Learning Cycles Resource Center materials.

No Hassles Money Back Guarantee: If you watch the entire series and it does not meet your expectations for content or playback quality, send me an email and we will refund your money.

Please note that due to EU VAT regulations for online products, we can only offer this product in the EU to business customers that have a verifiable VAT registration.  We cannot offer this web class to individuals.  If we cannot independently verify your company's VAT registration, we may ask you to do so before we finalize your registration. 

All registrations are subject to our approval. If we find that we cannot approve your participation in this class, we will cancel the credit card authorization and you will not see a charge on your credit card bill.

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