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The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product, 2nd Edition

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Katherine Radeka
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How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster

Do your products take too long to get to market?  Does that get in the way of your company's ability to beat the competition and achieve its most important strategic objectives?

When you can get that product into customers' hands faster, you see your vision brought to life sooner.  You can beat any competition to market with your best ideas. You can shorten the time it takes before your company begins to earn money from your ideas. You can reduce development costs, making it easier for investors, executive teams and program sponsors to buy into your ideas. If your idea is meant to fail, it will fail faster, freeing you up to go on to your next idea. 

You can empower your teams to learn faster and keep their options open as long as possible with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.  When they have a framework that supports rapid learning, they can develop products that win in the market by delivering maximum customer and business value.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework builds on the best ideas from the Agile, Lean, and Innovation communities to develop a repeatable, flexible framework that get your best ideas to market faster. 

  • Instead of creating detailed plans that get instantly out of date, teams work in short cycles of learning that help them thrive in extreme uncertainty. 
  • Instead of locking down decisions and then being forced to live with them, teams pull learning forward and push decisions later to maintain flexibility and remove obstacles before they appear. 
  • Instead of wasting time and money on product builds that don't work, teams leverage modeling, rapid prototyping and other experimental methods to accelerate the learning they need to make good decisions that stick.

The 2nd Edition expands upon the concepts in this book with more details on key framework elements like the Core Hypothesis, the Learning Cycles Plan and how to prioritize Knowledge Gaps.  It includes major revisions, based on our field experience, to the chapters on structuring the learning cycle, metrics, program leadership and using Rapid Learning Cycles to accelerate a Lean Startup with many knowledge gaps to close. It captures the state-of-the-art best practices to help you get your best ideas to market faster.
Readers' Resources help you jump right into some experiments, organize a book study group and begin capturing your knowledge in Knowledge Gap and Key Decision reports.
Praise for The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product:

“RLCI has shown how to pull together a combination of agile software management techniques within a phase gate development, with a process to follow, and made it easier to ask my organization to implement it. We have had two Kickoff events and the response has been very positive.”
—Jason Anderson, Trimble Corporation, Auckland, New Zealand

“Easy to read and a must for everybody involved in improving product development.”
—Christophe Gregoir, Atlas Copco, Antwerpen, Belgium

“The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is a useful tool to challenge existing product development paradigms because it focuses on the importance of knowledge.”
—Chris Hill, Navico, Auckland, New Zealand

“The author presents a well-tested and adaptable framework for managing the thousand-and-one unknowns in new product development in a way which significantly accelerates progress.”
—Kathy Iberle, Iberle Consulting, Vancouver, Washington

“I was concerned that the R & D executives would not buy into this. But the simplicity and logic of the approach made this an easier sell.”
—Vaas Conradie, Gallagher, Hamilton, New Zealand


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